Ordering information


Welcome to my brand new adventure and creations. My friends and family are surely going to say, “What is Jan up to now? She is always making something!” Well, what can I say? I love to browse different ideas of creativity.
My latest interested is creating jewelry using the art of resin. Oh the color choices!


To make your shopping easier we have set up a PayPal account!

This is still being updated and edited as I add the PayPal button to each item.

And..of course you may view other pieces at my jewelry Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/starboardtreasures


Shipping Charges: To make it simple I have included a small shipping fee with each item. FOR USA customers simply add $3.00 more to each piece. I will adjust the shipping costs if multiple pieces are ordered.

The Postal rates are expensive but I want to make my items affordable to purchase. The plus side is… there is NO tax on my products so you are actually saving money!!!


Thank you so much for shopping at Starboard Treasures!



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