Ordering information

To make your shopping easier we have set up a PayPal account!

This is still being updated and edited as I add the PayPal button to each item.

And..of course you may view other pieces at my jewelry Facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/starboardtreasures

I now have a photography Facebook page where you will find lots of my prints which is available as matted sizes and bookmarks and photo cards. Check it out!https://www.facebook.com/forecastlephotography


Shipping Charges: To make it simple I have included a small shipping fee with each item. FOR USA customers simply add $3.00 more to each piece. I will adjust the shipping costs if multiple pieces are ordered.

The Postal rates are expensive but I want to make my items affordable to purchase. The plus side is… there is NO tax on my products so you are actually saving money!!!

If it’s a local order I will either deliver free of charge or ship it at a low cost of $3.00 (HRM- Halifax and Dartmouth)

Thank you so much for shopping at Starboard Treasures! Don’t forget to view my facebook page!!!



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